Be Auto, Fast and Smart

botzup creates new conversation channel through messaging for your customer interactions, so communication is 24/7, seamless, and knowledgeable - which means teams are more productive and customers are more satisfied.


Turn your business 24/7

Give customers what they want – quick and diverse information to their enquiries. botzup helps you provide personalized support and information when and where they need, so customers stay happy

Release your talent resource

Release more time and resources from human agents to handle complex and urgent issues. Leave the repetitive and simple works to the bots. So you can pursue for higher quality services.

Growing without pains

botzup lets you customize bot dialog and configure any workflow. Our software is powerful enough to handle complex scenario, yet flexible enough to scale with you as you grow.

Create exceptional advantage simply.

botzup is an intuitively simple system for creating, managing, tracking chatbot for business.


Make it easy to transform your customer interactions

botzup is intuitive, and it’s made for business use. All you need is few steps so it is easy to be productive and manage customer interactions.

Right place, right time

Bring in customer interactions from anywhere through messaging in web, app or any API customization, give them faster support on their preferred channels at the moment they need it.

Customize and personalize

botzup is designed to be flexible. It works right out of the box, or it can be configured to your preferences. Customize a workflow or use apps and integrations-anyway you use it, botzup has flexibility to fit your workflow needs.

New level of understanding about your customer

botzup arms you with insights so that you can measure and improve your customer interaction. Learn what your customer think and get analytics on how you are doing through performance reports and dashboards

“So far, you are looking at a right direction, right solution and right company.”


Grow your business with conversation A.I.

botzup gives you everything you need to create and manage your chatbot for customer interactions.

  • Dialog builder

  • AI + Human touch

  • Proactive campaign

  • Intelligent listening

  • Analytics and reporting

Simplest for the smartest

Finally you can focus on what you do best: creating amazing conversational experiences.

Hassle free for anyone

It takes just few clicks, no explanation needed, write down a couple of messages. Click Play.

AI first, Intelligent first

No need to spend so much to hard code every possible query and conversation with customer. AI will do the hard job for you

Agility to improve

Flexibility to design, agility to make changes, and functionality to scale quickly to achieve speed to market

Are you looking for advance business insights ?

We pave the way for work intelligently